Hello my name is Adam Pacheco. I am the husband of one amazing wife and a  father of four awesome children! That last sentence pretty much defines about 90 percent of my life. I am in all ways a family man. I am a family man who loves people. I have served in ministry for most of my life as a Worship Pastor. I love creating beautiful music and lasting relationships!

My passion for photography started when we had our first son a few years back. I found myself documenting his every move and fell in love with the ability to capture those moments in time. That along with my obsession with anything electronic created the perfect storm. Photography has taught me so much about myself. I think in every individual there is an internal ability to create great art. The art I love isn't something you would see hung in a gallery, it isn't something abstract but it is boiled down to the most basic form. Love. When I look back and see photos from my childhood I never wonder about the technical side of the photo but simply the people in them. I wonder what they were thinking, who took the photo, and I remember my time with those people. In every photo there are two stories. The story in front of the camera and the one behind it. When I am photographing people it is my goal to capture true and genuine emotion. Those are the photos that matter most to me and to my clients.