Halder Family

One Sunday morning about a month ago I had the day off from my normal gig of leading worship at our church here in Castle Rock. It is kind of rare that I have a Sunday off so we loaded the whole family into the car to go out to breakfast at the B&B. It's an old Cafe downtown and has great breakfast. While we were eating I noticed a family walk in with two kids similar in age to ours. Arissa and I are people watchers and couldn't help notice they seemed like really cool people. I don't know what it was but just looking at them you could tell they had some personality. When we were done eating and walking out I asked Arissa "should I ask them if they want to get some photos done"? She was super hesitant but I asked anyway and I am glad I did. It turns out the Halders are a very cool family they own a farm called Verde Growing Company in Larkspur. They grow a large variety of fresh veggies and sprouts that they sell to various restraunts and farmers markets. They invited me to their farm to take some photos of the family. We are looking forward to going back to the farm in March so we can see some new born lambs. Thanks for being Awesome Halders.