The Taylor Family

This shoot is one of my favorite so far. Dave and Kate wanted mostly black & white photos of their new bundle of joy. I was a bit nervous at first because this was one of my first shoot going into someones home that I had never been to. Dave and I have worked together for over 2 years now. At this time I still have my day job as a Cable, Internet, and phone salesman. It is a good job and I really enjoy meeting people like Dave a.k.a. Keva Juice (he got the nick name because he owns Keva Juice in Colorado Springs).  As I was saying I was nervous to be in their home and meet his wife and daughter for the first time. Now if you know me you know I don't usually get nervous or shy but It was a big deal for me to be in their home. I think in our culture it is somewhat rare to break that thresh hold into someones home. I loved every minute of it! Building relationships and creating memories is what photography is all about to me. Check out these photos! I think you are going to like them.