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Project 24

Project 24-1

This week as I sat waiting to get a haircut I read a little E-Book called A Lesser Photographer, 10 Principles for Rediscovering What Matters by C.J. Chilvers. You can download a copy here http://bit.ly/p5aYko. It is C.J's Manifesto about getting back to the basics of photography. As a person striving to build a photography business I find myself constantly chasing after the latest and greatest. Whether it's gear, the best website, or that perfect picture it is easy to get lost in the shuffle and forget what photography is all about. To me it is about capturing moments that are so quickly passing by. I can go back and watch my boys grow up all over again right before my eyes.  I can go to places my memory would have forgotten had it not been for the help of the photo I took. I don't look at those photos and say " I wonder what lens I used to take that?" I didn't agree with everything in this book but one thing that stood out to me was first point "Artists Thrive on Constraints". In this section he says...

"Constraints become a necessity because our brains seek the path of least resistance. Our brains crave the automation. It’s less painful. The brain would love to produce safe, bland fluff. When we enforce a constraint, we throw a boulder into the path of least resistance and force the brain to create to a path less traveled. Your creativity is what makes your images unique. Don’t stifle it for an easier “workflow.”

So today I decided to constrain myself. I limited my shots to 24, just like a roll of film. I committed to Black & White and I did not delete or edit any images. 24 Shutter clicks and that is it. So here are the photos I ended up with. They aren't perfect but they are memories I will hold onto forever. I hope you enjoy and I encourage you to find places in life to boost creativity. We don't always have to have the best of the best we just have to go out  and do our best with what we have!