The Wedding is finally here!

The above kiss was just practice for the big day! I had the privilege of shooting Justin & Leyla's rehearsal last night in Pueblo. It was a great time to connect with the family meet the wedding party and get some great shots before the wedding day. Getting to shoot this wedding is like a dream come true for me. I have never know what I want to be when I grow up until now. Wedding photography is my new life asspiration. I feel it is what I am designed for. I know this sounds crazy but I work best under pressure. I thrive in that zone. I have been driving myself crazy all week with details of this day. I have gone down to Pueblo twice to scout where we will take all the photos. Last week I got to meet with Justin and Leyla and we totally revamped their day. I loved every moment of it! I have huge anticipation for the day and expect to get some beautiful images. I am sure more things will come up that need to be done but I feel prepared. I even tried to find a rickshaw to rent so we can move everyone around quickly and out of the sun as soon as possible. It's supposed to be 102 tomorrow in Pueblo so we will have to be quick. My amazing wife will be assisting me for the day and my good friend Nathan Cremisino will be my second shooter. I know this may be too much information and a lot of photographers attempt to appear that they have been shooting for 20yrs even if it is their first wedding. That is not my style. With me you get what you get, and if you follow this blog my hope is you will see me blossom into the full time professional photographer I dream to some day be.