Scott Family Castle Rock, Colorado

I love living in Castle Rock, CO. I have been doing some traveling lately and it has made me appreciate our town. Don't get me wrong there are hundreds of other places in the world I would enjoy living, but there is something about coming home from a trip that makes you appreciate home!

Soon after our return I had the privileged of photographing the Scott family. These guys were inspiring to me in so many ways. First off their girls were the best behaved kids I have ever photographed. They were so chill and willing to just cooperate with all my requests. I had a new Toy Story Pez Dispenser on hand and ready to bribe with and I didn't have to use it. It's not every day that you meet people that truly inspire you. Scott and Heather had a great impact on me in the short time we spent together. I think this quote describes them pretty well.

“You are what you do, not what you say you'll do.”

― C.G. Jung

Thank you for allowing me to spend some time with you and your family.