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Adam Pacheco Photography is a photographer who is passionate about  capturing images in time.


The Real Adam Pacheco

Hello friends. I need a blogging break through. As a photographer I have gotten into the mindset that everything has to appear perfect before I show the world. When I look at the work of most of my colleagues I am discouraged. It seems like everyone else has a perfect life, takes the perfect photos and never has to work.  I know this isn't true, but I have to remind myself all the time to just be me. 

Have you ever had that struggle? I think it is one the the most challenging things for me to overcome. In real life I am a very vulnerable person who speaks his mind and isn't afraid to show my true colors. In the digital world I fear rejection, I feel insignificant, and even a bit scared to be myself. 

I am working to overcome these fears. So from this day forward I am going to try to be myself in this digital space. I know some won't like it and that is ok. I am not perfect and every time I try to be I fail. It is my desire to show more imperfections and be more vulnerable. I love people, and photography for me is a vehicle into peoples lives. It is my desire that through photography I can help cultivate a culture that isn't obsessed with perfection, and create a space where people can love themselves right where they are. 

I would love if you would join me on this journey.